Where are we?

If ever there was a perfect place to be fresh in the middle of summer, it’s next to the sea. That’s why we’ve put on our flip-flops and left the Teatre Arniches for Muelle 12, in the Muelle de Levante in the Port of Alicante.
A grand space of 4000m2 of space, split between our two exhibition spaces: FRESCA! for our main shows and FRESCORETA! our shows for a family audience.
You’ll also find the Muelle 12 Food Market where you can have something fresh to drink or a bite to eat.
If you want a change of scene for lunch or dinner, don’t worry, you’ll find a huge choice of restaurants nearby…a quick check on your phone and you’ll see just how many possibilities there are!

Observation: Each sofa is for two people. If you don’t need the entire sofa you can buy an individual seat, however you may have a person sitting beside you. In that situation a mask would need to be worn for the duration of the show.