Friday, 20th August


Gestural Theatre

60 mins

The Show

“El Gran Final” pretends to be a tragicomedy that is set around the reunion of two clowns who had to separate many years ago as a result of the outbreak of a civil war.

This war interrupts the last show just before the final big act. The conflict forces them to go their separate ways and never have contact with each other again.

Now, after more than 30 years, infinite steps, a daily and constant struggle for survival and an ageing body, they meet again and decide to finish their grand finale.

A tribute to one of the most beautiful and generous jobs in the world: the job of a clown. Feel to create a dialogue with the viewer, from the emotions. Where words are unnecessary. A collective imagination that clowns of all times have left in our memory.

The Company

Bucraá Circus is a company made up of two clowns; Pau Palaus and Fernando Villella. The two have distinct artistic and professional registers.

Pau Palaus starts out as a clown from a very young age and is a natural. His first performance is with the devil band from his village, Breda, at the age of 13. Soon he creates the, still active, Asociación Contaminando Sonrisas, with whom he has traveled to all five continents.

Fernando Villella (Fer Catastrofer) was born in Argentina and moved to Barcelona in 2000. He studied photography, theatre, training in gestural theatre with Lecoq, Juan Pablo Argandoña, Jango Edwars, Jhonny Melville, Walter Velásquez and Steve Jarand among others. His professional career has provided him with an immense variety of theatrical registers that make his staging unmistakable and precious. Founder of the Compañía de Circo y Animación Ndour Tiache and actor and creator of the Catastrofer company, he has presented his shows at more than 60 theatre festivals and circus’ in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Macedonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Sweden, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, Algeria, Cape Verde …

Artistic Credits

Creators & Performers: Pau Palaus y Fernando Villella
External Gaze: Dudu Arnalot
Production: Bucraá Circus and Festival Internacional de Pallassos de Cornellà 2018 (with Jordi Juanet “Boni” like a director)
Wardrobe:  Erika Perotti
Musical Composition & Recording: Joan Bramon
Design & Construction of Carts & Catapults:  Sir’Wolf Solutions
Scenography: Bucraá Circus
Antique Poster Design: Edgardo Gonzalez “Papito”
Graphic & Audiovisual Design: Maria Soler
Distribution: Trompez Cirkus Management