The Show

“EXPRESS” is a fresh show in which humor is combined with different circus disciplines and where the presence of female acrobats stands out, as well as techniques such as the Chinese pole, the scale, the balances and the clown.

In the “Express” courier agency nothing works as it should. Everything is upside down. Even its workers! Packages come and go between acrobats, balances and juggling. The work does not stop. Shipments fly as much as the employees! They are full of surprises that will amaze everyone. It is possible that, if you come, you’ll have mail!

The show won the 1st Prize Circada Off-2018 in addition to the Teatro Alameda, Cirkorama and Unía awards. In 2019 they won the FETEN Award (Feria Internacional de teatro para niños y niñas) for the Best Street Show.


The Show

Nine artists parade, dance, and exchange knowing and furtive glances while juggling nearly a hundred apples, defying the laws of physics and gravity in an unforgettable tea party. Suddenly, the elegant choreography gives way to a time of relaxation, and the subtle English humor turns to a liberating and surprising exercise in destruction.

Smashed is an hour-long piece that recreates nostalgic cinematic scenes in which conflict, strained relationships and lost loves are explored, with a soundtrack of popular songs ranging from the great songwriter Bach to country singer Tammy Wynette to the Music Hall, among others.

Inspired by the work of the great choreographer Pina Bausch, the company borrows elements from her gestural choreography and combines them with the patterns of juggling, both solo and together, to shape a spectacular hybrid that will not leave audiences indifferent.

Critically acclaimed (it won the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival), Smashed has become an unrivaled success.

Smashed es una pieza de una hora que recrea escenas cinematográficas nostálgicas en las que se exploran conflictos, relaciones tensas y amores perdidos, con una banda sonora de canciones populares que van desde el gran compositor Bach a la cantante de country Tammy Wynette, pasando por el Music Hall, entre otros.

Inspirada en el trabajo de la gran coreógrafa Pina Bausch, la compañía toma prestados elementos de su coreografía gestual y los combina con los patrones del malabarismo en solitario y en conjunto para dar forma a un espectacular híbrido que no dejará indiferente al público.

Aclamado por la crítica (obtuvo el Premio Herald Angle en el festival de Edimburgo), Smashed se ha convertido en un éxito sin igual.


The Show

Déjà vu is a personal, theatrical, very visual, suggestive, risky, different and full of life circus show, that the company has worked slowly over three years.The teaching of Charles Chaplin, Charlie Rivel or Marcel Marceau come to mind when contemplating the performance of Manolo Alcántara, a virtuoso acrobat, a spirit of tenderness, a humorous poet.

It all starts when Alcántara gets out of bed. We do not know what it means: we do not know if it is a dream or if it is an awakening. That’s the game. The viewer must discern between reality and fiction. Because Déjà vu is a world of illusions, full of music, with a scenery of improbable proportions, with miniatures and giants, where everything is bigger or smaller than it should be, with fun moments and great physical dexterity. A show without a script, with live music where the presence of Laia Rius should be highlighted, due to her powerful and beautiful voice and her wealth of records.