The Show

“Hotel Paradiso” is a story of tragedies crossed with comedy and is the most mysterious and evil work of the company. The action takes place in a family hotel in the Alps, equipped with a thermal spring.

The protagonists: the elderly director, the shy receptionist son and his impetuous sister, who dispute the future of the company; the rough cook, the kleptomaniac cleaning lady and the customers: a newly married couple, some mountain climbers, and a prostitute.

When the first death appears, staff and guests are swept up in an avalanche of truculence.

“Hotel Paradiso” is a gestural tale, loaded with black humor, stormy feelings and a touch of melancholy.


The Show

“El Gran Final” pretends to be a tragicomedy that is set around the reunion of two clowns who had to separate many years ago as a result of the outbreak of a civil war.

This war interrupts the last show just before the final big act. The conflict forces them to go their separate ways and never have contact with each other again.

Now, after more than 30 years, infinite steps, a daily and constant struggle for survival and an aging body, they meet again and decide to finish their grand finale.

A tribute to one of the most beautiful and generous jobs in the world: the job of a clown. Feel to create a dialogue with the viewer, from the emotions. Where words are unnecessary. A collective imagination that clowns of all times have left in our memory.