The Show

“When I was little I locked myself in my room and dressed in my mother’s green skirt. She adorned my hair with flowers, did my make up, and we danced together secretly. That dance was unthinkable outside those four walls ”.

From this intimate memory of childhood, Viva! is born, in circumstances where social and artistic rules impose, in some way, that the artist must manifest himself according to his gender. After the illusion, desire and need have been isolated, remaining silent for years, Viva! sees the light, recalling those moments. Leaving open the door that separates the private from the public.

A cry for the freedom of transformation, which doesn’t always imply a way of masking but rather a way of undressing.

Liñán proposes the plurality of dance, the different forms and the uniqueness of each one of them. Together with six flamenco dancers, they will explore and dive into dance and this fascinating universe of cross-dressing. Here what counts are the emotions.

As the critics have said, this show will remain in the public memory forever.