Sunday, 22nd August



60 minutes

The Show

Nine artists parade, dance, and exchange knowing and furtive glances while juggling nearly a hundred apples, defying the laws of physics and gravity in an unforgettable tea party. Suddenly, the elegant choreography gives way to a time of relaxation, and the subtle English humor turns to a liberating and surprising exercise in destruction.

Smashed is an hour-long piece that recreates nostalgic cinematic scenes in which conflict, strained relationships and lost loves are explored, with a soundtrack of popular songs ranging from the great songwriter Bach to country singer Tammy Wynette to the Music Hall, among others.

Inspired by the work of the great choreographer Pina Bausch, the company borrows elements from her gestural choreography and combines them with the patterns of juggling, both solo and together, to shape a spectacular hybrid that will not leave audiences indifferent.

Critically acclaimed (it won the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival), Smashed has become an unrivaled success.

The Company

Created in 1992 by famous juggler Sean Gandini and rhythmic gymnastics champion Kati Yla-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling’s works are at the forefront of contemporary circus, reinventing and revitalizing the art of juggling in the 21st century. Fiercely prolific, the company performs by following the patterns and combining disciplines as diverse as music and ballet, accompanied by inspiration from fashion designers and even computer programmers. During the last 18 years, they have performed around 5,000 performances in 50 countries and their impressive choreographies are in demand around the world.

Artistic Credits

Director: Sean Gandini
Lighting Designer: Mark Jonathan
Assistant Director: Kati Ylä-Hokkala,
Dramaturgy: John-Paul Zaccarini

Suitable for ages 8 and above.