The Show

Visual poetry about solidarity, the environment and friendship.
A reflection at 10 meters high, with stilts, aerial dance and acrobatics. A metaphor of our passage through the planet.
In a dystopian universe, which could be ours, two wandering souls, irreverent and thirsty, coincide with the Water Guardian.
He, scowling and bowlegged, will have to open his huge heart to regain the dance and his smile. They, amoral and impertinent, will have to learn to behave. All three need both water and learning to live.
In this story everything moves, waves, sways sinuously like a ship. The system, the emotions, the feelings… they are like water. A subtle work to learn to take care of yourself, take care of the environment and enjoy in harmony.
Shhhh! Emotions will flow like water between the pebbles.